Monday, November 23, 2009


He shivered when he opened the door. The incident still vivid in his mind. About a year ago, there were only two people inside the room. It had been around 8-00 pm. The only source of light had been the two lamps beside the table. Their shadows seemed to intermingle in the darkness. The window was partly open. The sound of rain echoed through the room. Nobody said a word to each other. He looked into her eyes, the same eyes which he fell in love with. Her face still portrayed the same innocence on the day he had asked her out. He knew deep down that the relationship wouldn’t last forever but he also knew that no one could take her place. She was the girl he had waited all his life. They both were lying on the bed in a warm embrace. The time had come; they kissed like never before, the bond between them strong like never before. Suddenly they broke apart. She said those three words that would sail him throughout his life. He saw a unique calmness across her face. Her eyes came to close. The sound of rain seemed to vanish. He cried like never before for he knew those wonderful eyes would never open again..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Love you

I love you

Just lied down in my grandmom’s lap today..... Was such a special feeling ........ She caressing my hair,thw touch of her hands to smooth, she bowing down to give a usual kiss on my forehead , The love , the affection , the care lingered on into my senses ......

A thought came across my mind about my granddad ........ The whitish complexion , the neatly combed oiled hair , the vibhuti on his forehead, the horn-rimmed glasses, the handsome face that always demanded a certain amount of respect ..........A person whom i loved most when i was a small child . I still hold a vague memory of those numerous trips to the parks ......... Patiently having an eye on me with his ever smiling face, hearing all the crap i told him in composed way ....... I still remember those chocolates, numerous food stuffs, toys, colas and everything....... The only person ever who always bought something for me whenever he came to see me ......... As far i remember there was not even a single day when he came to see me empty handed....... The simple stories he told me which had such a deep meaning when i muse of it now........ The punctilious way in which he wrote his daily accounts ( A habit which i always wanted to have and which is still way out of reach ) ...... The puja which he started daily at 6 in the evening ....... The Prasad which he would always leave for me....... The numerous cash vouchers, the numerous gifts that he had for me evey year...... During my birthday,diwali,new year, summer vacation and what not .....The letter which had my name printed on it .... The systematic manner in which his clothes were arranged neatly ....... The manner in which he would dress up just like a meticulous craftsman so careful with his everything he used....... The way i used to look forward to walking with him and catching his hand for him to lead the way ..... The amounts of ups and downs he had in his life nothing altering the eternal love for me .....These memoirs are always going to be with me no matter what ever happens ..... Coz my childhood would have never been so memorable if not for you ......

Its been almost 3 and half years since he’s no longer with me . I always miss him . I still believe he’s somewhere watching me waiting for me to do something great . The last time i cried was way back on his funeral . I still couldn’t believe this amazing person was no longer gonna be with me . No longer going to teach me . Going to make a huge void in my heart which would be impossible to fill. And this is the first time i am talking about him with anyone . I never had the guts to speak about him to my grand mother knowing that she would burst out into tears nor did i wish to share it with my uncle nor my mom .

This one is just a small tribute to the numerous contributions you have made in my life ..... The way you transformed me ....... A tribute for every person who has ever loved anyone........ Coz love is the best thing in this world ....... Any action or feeling of love towards anyone is the best feeling around . As whatever happens in the end it’s only love thats going to matter and will matter ......
Love you nana ....I love you a lot .....

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Happiness comes in many forms
In the company of good friends
With someone you love so much
In the feeling that you get when you make
Someone else’s dream come true......
Or in the promise
Of hope renewed
It’s ok to let yourself be happy
Coz you never know how fleeting that happiness may be......
Waiting to be destroyed
In a modicum of a second
Just the way it had come ...........

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rain Rain and Rain

Wow !!! Seems to be raining cats and dogs out here ....Awesome rain tonite ...The thunder and the lightning ...The power supply getting cut ...the torrential rain ....nothing better than that ....memorable night ....Everyone coming out of their rooms for a change ...And crazy people like me getting wet and few people too scared to get wet ....Hope this rain goes on and on ....Just observing the might of it gives you so much to thing about ....I had written this poem some 3 months back ...But now seems to be a ideal day to post it ....


A moment of joy
A moment of pleasure
A moment when you think,
You can be a kid again
Bringing a wide smile on your face
Nourishing each and every drop of it.....
Something which brings everyone together
A rare sight these days
The clouds shudder
The trees opening their somnolent eyes
Coming back to life....
The sound so profound
Waking everyone from the shackles of slumber.....
Giving them a new hope
A new life.....
Another enduring quality of nature
Giving us happiness
What so ever we do with it......
A great lesson we learn
To keep doing what we are meant to do
Not expecting anything back
Coz in the end whatever the outcome
There was at least at attempt from our side
To make things go the right side........

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

99 Balloons

Earlier this month I was personally moved after seeing a video that was posted on Youtube about a little boy named Elliott, It was simply not possible to contain my tears at this precious life. Eliot was born with an undeveloped lung, a heart with a hole in it and DNA that placed faulty information into each and every cell of his body. However, that could not stop the living God from proclaiming Himself through this boy who never uttered a word. It just shows the amount of wonders a tiny soul can do to anyone. The best thing that can happen in life to anyone is having a child and the amount of happiness the parents got spending 99 days with this exceptional child perhaps can never be replaced. This is my tribute to their eternal love, limitless care and unremitting affection. RIP Elliott.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A story about a Girl

There she was ....At the corner of the room sitting on a bench ,her head thrown back ...The aura around her had a charismatic feminine elegance that seemed out of place on that dusty, rickety bench....She wore a skirt that had a light shade of red which draped shapelessly about her lissom body....Her hands were on the table, her posture taut as if she were unconscious of her own body....The look on her face gave a feel of someone very astute yet diffident....Those teensy weensy black eyes gave fascinating insights about a story that intended to reach someone....Those luscious lips, that mesmerising smile had a message to convey, a message so serene yet profound ...


There is a place somewhere in the world

Maybe it’s a lot like your world

Maybe it’s nothing like it

But if you look closer, you might find someone like you

Someone trying to find their way

Someone trying to find their place

Someone trying to find their self

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you are the only one in the world

Who’s struggling,

Who’s frustrated

Or unsatisfied

Or barely getting by

But that feeling is a lie

And if you just hold on

Just find the courage to face it off for another day

Someone or something will find you and make it all ok

Because we all need a little help sometimes....

Someone to help us find that rhythm in the world

To remind us that it wont always be this way

That someone is out there

And that someone will find you ........

That’s always the hope of life,

The thing that still keeps us going

That one day everything is going to be fine

Just too perfect to be true ........