Monday, November 23, 2009


He shivered when he opened the door. The incident still vivid in his mind. About a year ago, there were only two people inside the room. It had been around 8-00 pm. The only source of light had been the two lamps beside the table. Their shadows seemed to intermingle in the darkness. The window was partly open. The sound of rain echoed through the room. Nobody said a word to each other. He looked into her eyes, the same eyes which he fell in love with. Her face still portrayed the same innocence on the day he had asked her out. He knew deep down that the relationship wouldn’t last forever but he also knew that no one could take her place. She was the girl he had waited all his life. They both were lying on the bed in a warm embrace. The time had come; they kissed like never before, the bond between them strong like never before. Suddenly they broke apart. She said those three words that would sail him throughout his life. He saw a unique calmness across her face. Her eyes came to close. The sound of rain seemed to vanish. He cried like never before for he knew those wonderful eyes would never open again..