Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rain Rain and Rain

Wow !!! Seems to be raining cats and dogs out here ....Awesome rain tonite ...The thunder and the lightning ...The power supply getting cut ...the torrential rain ....nothing better than that ....memorable night ....Everyone coming out of their rooms for a change ...And crazy people like me getting wet and few people too scared to get wet ....Hope this rain goes on and on ....Just observing the might of it gives you so much to thing about ....I had written this poem some 3 months back ...But now seems to be a ideal day to post it ....


A moment of joy
A moment of pleasure
A moment when you think,
You can be a kid again
Bringing a wide smile on your face
Nourishing each and every drop of it.....
Something which brings everyone together
A rare sight these days
The clouds shudder
The trees opening their somnolent eyes
Coming back to life....
The sound so profound
Waking everyone from the shackles of slumber.....
Giving them a new hope
A new life.....
Another enduring quality of nature
Giving us happiness
What so ever we do with it......
A great lesson we learn
To keep doing what we are meant to do
Not expecting anything back
Coz in the end whatever the outcome
There was at least at attempt from our side
To make things go the right side........


  1. its a rare sight in chennai alright.. not here.. n i dont get u.. how does rain motivate us to keep doin wat we r meant to do?? u can say plants dont expect anythin but wat can rain expect from us even if it were to expect..

  2. Dude ...Read it carefully ....Another enduring quality of nature .....Its not another enduring quality of rain ....So its like nature motivates us to keep doing what we are meant to do ....

  3. yeah enjoy when you can.. thres a gpl coming your

  4. amr get ready... nature motivates us to keep doin what we shud... n so wil give u the gpl...