Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He was on his way back to the hostel. His face had a frigid look; his heart was racing, a tear or two rolled through his eye. The night was chilly, the breeze sent shivers across his body. He had never felt more lonely, it was as if all the happiness in the world had vanished. His legs dragged across the sand, the shoelace had come out but he was least bothered to fix it up. There were rats running up his stomach, he hadn’t eaten anything since morning but he still wanted his stomach to suffer by keeping it hungry. This was the 5th time that he got rejected in the interview. All the dejections up till date were hovering in his mind like a whirlpool which was never destined to stop.

He suddenly wondered “Why is god punishing me like this? What wrong have I done in life?” How was he going to talk to his parents and tell them another sad tale? How was he going to face all his friends back home? How long would he see everyone in the college other than him getting placed? How much long would he have to wait? How many more rejections would he face? How would his future turn out to be? Would he ever see a smile is his face ever again?

He was a very simple straight forward guy. He had worked hard; done his homework, hardly messed with anybody, made others laugh and was always there when someone needed him. He reached the hostel; tired, exhausted and more than that disappointed with the way things had turned out. He took off his watch from his hand, the time being quarter past ten. He noticed his watch, a six month old tag heuer model that his dad had gifted him. How would he ever repay his dad? He wasn’t disappointed coz he didn’t get selected, it was coz he had worked real hard and felt that he deserved something at least. His phone rang a couple of times, but was in no mood to answer to anyone. He didn’t want any sympathy or something. It would only lead to his frustration. He just wanted some peace and answers to few of his questions.

He lied down on the bed. The blanket way too thin to cover the chillness he felt. He hardly slept that night thinking about all the tragic events lying ahead. There was a knock on his door at seven next morning. It was his best friend; he could decipher it from his voice. He felt like not answering him at all. But with the nervousness in his voice, he knew something was wrong. He rushed to open the door. He had never seen his friend so messed up, so sad. He just wanted a lift to the airport; he needed to catch the earliest flight home. He just couldn’t say the reason for going home.

Later in the day he found out that his friends sister, a 22 yr old working for a top notch MNC had met with an accident the previous day and had succumbed to her injuries. He was in a state of complete disbelief. It had been yesterday that he was cribbing over his future when someone had completely lost their future. There is always something more to life that what a person always thinks about. Life would be much simpler the moment we realize this.

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  1. pheelings ah?? dog sym thru nah.eventually will find the footing.look at me.dint want the first one i sat for.fate